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Both festive and wedding seasons call for traditional Indian men's wear that conveniently fits the themes. However, this is the time when your previous partywear or festive wear cannot always be your style because of everchanging trends. And if you are considering buying Indian men's wear in the USA, you have got yourself a challenge. However, at khushkar, you will have many reasons to feel special, just like a woman shopping for her festive wear.

While many other brands fail to offer a variety of choices for traditional men's clothing in USA, Khushkar has found a way to meet the men's festive and wedding wear requirements and deliver special surprises.

At Khushkar, we aim to offer the latest trends that are going on in the Indian market. While people in India can buy the trendiest festive outfits with a variety of choices without a hassle, people in the USA find themselves with limited choices. So, the next time you are shopping for Indian traditional wear, Khushkar wants to make sure that you can have high hopes for engaging attention on your important day.


Our collection of kurta pajama carries influences from western outfits, but they are also highly associated with Indian designs and styles. We are a home of a wide variety of designs and colours for men's kurta. Buy men's kurta online in USA at Khushkar, and eliminate the challenge of finding trendy styles in a foreign land.

At Khushkar, we value the rich history of men's traditional clothing, and while we keep pace with the evolution and newest styles, we also try to keep in touch with the roots and origins while designing pieces of sherwani, pathani, or jodhpuri suit. Moreover, our ongoing efforts at bringing Indian wear at affordable costs, and a wide range of designs that are meant for various events set us apart from other brands in the USA.

Our collection is diverse enough to ensure that whatever your style is, whatever look you want to flaunt on your wedding day or at a particular party, you will always find it here. With intricate details and designs that are unique from another piece of products, you have yourself something that is no less than a personalised and unique piece.

As our men's traditional clothing is meant for parties, events, weddings or festivals, you will find many bold colours and heavy embroideries. But that hardly means you will not find pastel colours or simple outfits to experiment with.

At Khushkar, we bring you closer to enjoying Indian traditional events in a foreign land as much as you would do in the native land. Our traditional outfits are not just a flashy cover for your body, but are meant for creating an experience close to home.